Applied Poetics ver
Concocted in Baltimore, Maryland

Source texts are briefly logged to the server, and are deleted immediately upon processing—that is, unless you choose to save them, in which case they are stored by an id number in a folder specific to your login account. There is also a cookie written on your first visit; it is not a tracking cookie, it just lets me know if I need to show the— brief orientation sequence (which is always accessible from the question mark menu in the bottom right). If you have questions, I invite you to email me: admin [at] My name is Doug Luman. You can find more about me here.

Thanks are in order to far too many people to list here, but particularly Misky Braendeholm, E. Kristen Anderson, James Moore, Margo Roby, Roxanna Bennett, Josh Medsker, Nancy Chen Long, Matt Trease, Ed Bremson, Beth Ayer, and everyone who participates/d in the Oulipost project and various Found Poetry Review events and groups. Your feedback, interests, and encouragement are indispensible. And a much-more-than-thank-you to Jenni without whose support and feedback none of the visions and aspirations behind AppliedPoetics would be more than scattered bits of code.

This page is typeset in Proxima Nova (Mark Simonsen), Filson Pro (Olivier Gourvat), and saxMono (s.a.x. Software).

AppliedPoetics is coded using Python, PERL, and PHP. It is hosted on a droplet at Digital Ocean. The server reboots every week on Sunday mornings at 05:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time and may be briefly unresponsive.

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